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BIS Inc. Services

Bowsher Information Systems has been a leading provider of Application Development and IT staffing solutions in the Central Illinois market.

Staffing Solutions

Consistently achieving high rate of talent retention. You can rest assured your resource will fulfill their contractual duties.

Software Engineers

One of the deepest and most talented IT rosters in Central Illinois

Business and System Analysts

Critical in achieving cutting edge software that fits your business.

Mobile Development

Highly customizable features. Well documented, every feature is detailed.

Application Development

Client-centric model, World-Class solutions

Big Data

Highly skilled individuals that are experts in big data design, development, and performance.

How it works

Versed in the most up-to-date, current technologies with optimized development methodologies and life-cycles, our highly experienced and skilled professionals have helped our clients take stock of the various legacy applications, create a Buy vs. Build decision matrix, consolidate IT programs and re-evaluate maintenance programs to ensure the most optimal, efficient and cost-effective release cycles.

Our Business Analyst team will help you define your scope and set your software solution in motion.

In today's rapidly changing marketplace, it's critical to align your agencies IT strategy with innovative and well crafted products and applications. BIS has over 20 years of experience in robust, cutting edge software development, and has been a leader in providing high quality IT talent to help our clients meet their most challenging needs.

The foundation for any world-class solution will be defined by our Business Analysts and built by our Database designers.

Our team of software engineers will work with your team to decide the best architecture for your organization. Regardless of software language, our architecture will still retain all of the best adaptions of an SOA system.

We believe heavily in a service-based system. This will return dividends in the future when adapting new systems and communicating with existing systems. For more information on how this might benefit your company, we'd be happy to discuss.

Implementation and maintenance should not be handled lightly. Minimizing down-time, and data migration is something that requires a great amount of planning. We will work with your team to design a plan that achieves a highly successful implementation and cut-over.